Saturday, October 27, 2007

Daisies Dream

I wanted to try painting flowers. I started a picture last night with a simple pencil sketch, and colored it with thin layers of acrylic. I completed the picture today, adding the flowers and more details. I'm very happy with the results. It gives me a quiet serene feeling. It's inspired by a pressed flower picture I made a few years back, Bountiful Blossoms since I had flowers on my mind.

I still want to learn to use acrylic full strength, without adding water. I always end up using it more like watercolor. I suppose it's because that's a medium I'm familiar with. Fortunately, acrylic is very forgiving, which allowed me to change the face and make various corrections numerous times. That's all for today. It took me a whole morning and afternoon to finish it. Well, I mean, to get to the point where I forced myself to stop tweaking it. My son said her nose looks too big. So, I'm tempted to fix it. But not today! I'm beat.

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