Friday, November 2, 2007

A most unusual bird!

I going to tell you something very silly! Last night, I decided to do one last picture before going to bed. Since I had the idea in my head, I wanted to put it down on paper before it slips out of my memory forever. I made myself comfortable with a couple of pillows so I can prop my head up a bit. First I sketched a big tree branch with a few simple lines. I proceded to sketch a fairy, and then a bird. And now for the really silly thing that happened. OK, I drew the bird's body, drew its eyes, and everything was fine. Then sometime after sketching the bird's eyes, my brain must have turned off completely. However, I continued sketching, and even erasing somehow. That went on for a little while. And then, all of a sudden, I was "back"! And to my horror, my bird ended up with a nose, lips and some funny whispy hair. It was truly hysterical! I just brust out laughing even though I wasn't fully awake. This bird already has such a funny scarcastic expression in the eyes. And with the hair, nose and goodness! It was quite a sight. Hmm....Now I regretted erasing it, or I can show you what it looks like . You will have a good laugh too!

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