Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Art Class - Week 3 Tuesday

I was able to switch erhu lessons to Thursday once again, so I can make it to the Tuesday art class. I really enjoy coming to art class! Today I worked more on Frida's reboso (shawl). It's slowly coming along. I used some white for highlighting it at first, but it had a muddy look. So I repainted the red and started over. Fred (teacher) is airbrushing a beautiful Da Vinci painting. Later, he showed me how to use the airbrush and let me have a go at it. I am overjoyed to learn something new. Air brushing is great fun!

Well, I am truly humbled in the presence of all these artists! And I am so appreciative of teacher who is so encouraging and motivating. He told me to bring it to his friend's gallery, and that's where his works are also displayed, and bring my picture to show the owner. I think it will be great to get some feedback from the gallery, but, I'm not planning sell this painting since this is my first one. Richard made this fantastic desert painting yesterday. I'm so glad he brought it again today so I can see it and also take a picture of him with his painting. Wonderful bright colors! I love it. Here's Carmen, working on her architectural painting. Looking good! More students working on their paintings. Nellie is painting her daughter. What a lovely composition! And I love the red. Gus has airbrushed the car and the background, and now, adding the details. I can't wait to see the finished work. This is a wonderful place! I love seeing how each artist's painting evolves from the initial pencil sketch.

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