Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Art Class - Week 5 Tuesday

Only Pat, Carmen, and an elderly gentleman were in class today. Mommy and Delko went to a buffet with their Tai Chi class, so I'm on my own. I brought my angel sketch on canvas to work on. But I didn't get much done today. Helped Carmen a bit with her picture, and chatted with Pat while I watched her paint. David arrived about half hour before I planned to leave. He's going to paint a picture of the 60 freeway. I like the canvas he was using. It had a thicker edge and it's 15" square. I'm not sure about the square shape, whether it would fit the type of painting I planned to do. But I like the thicker edge. He told me where to get it. The store is in Orange County. Hmmm.... That's far for me.

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