Monday, June 15, 2009

Art Class - Week 5 Monday

Mom made some chicken salad sandwiches for our art class today. We're celebrating a few people's birthdays, and people brought food and a cake. I had some chips with salsa and a small sandwich. That was fun. I tried to finish up my painting today, and I've been painting an hour or so last night. But I still can't finish! There's so much details to put in, and more highlights needed for Frida's turban. But I'm just about done with the picture. Teacher picked up the transparent oil paints for me. 9 bottles at $1.50 each. I can't wait to try them! Teacher is so nice! I also bought another canvas so I can start a new picture today. I decided to paint an angel with a violin like the one done by Pinta. She's in some weird position and we looking upwards to her face. I can tell this is going to be tough to sketch, but I'm going to challenge myself to do it anyway.

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